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Official Services

What does Turbo Cádiz offer?

At Turbo Cádiz, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for turbochargers and heat exchangers, ensuring that your engine achieves its maximum efficiency and performance.


Cleaning and Verification System

Specialized in turbochargers

Our closed-circuit cleaning system is environmentally friendly, with the turbocharger component cleaning area completely isolated from the machining, preparation, balancing, and assembly areas. This environmentally-friendly closed-circuit cleaning system led us to establish ourselves with the ISO14001 certification and continue with the ISO9001, which we obtained and have maintained since 1994.

Furthermore, pursuing an active expansion policy of our Turbo Cádiz group, we have opened modern facilities in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to be present in the important enclave of the islands. Below are the repair resources we have available.

Machining Area

It consists of the necessary machinery for any work required in the turbocharger repair, such as lathe, drill, etc…

Industrial Washers

Cleaning system to streamline and reduce cleaning times for various turbocharger components.



Specific area for dismantling turbochargers and heat exchangers, preliminary cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We have ultrasonic tanks for heat exchangers.


Balancing for elements up to 3,000 Kgs and 1,600 mm in diameter.


A large booth for cleaning turbochargers.

What does Turbo Cádiz offer?

Our services include:

We have specialized technicians to properly install your turbocharger, ensuring its correct operation from the very beginning

Turbochargers, being essential parts of an engine, require regular care and maintenance. We offer inspection, diagnostic, and repair services to ensure their optimal operation and extend their lifespan

In case it’s needed, we have original and high-quality parts for replacements and repairs, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of your turbocharger

Our technicians attend update and training courses at the manufacturers’ facilities in order to provide the latest developments and advise on the new technologies applied to turbochargers.

We know that problems can arise at any time. That’s why we offer emergency services to address unforeseen failures, ensuring a quick response and solution.

How can I contact Turbo Cádiz?

By calling the phone number, sending us an email at:, or visiting us at the following addresses.