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Integrated management policy

Turbo Cádiz

Integrated Management Policy

The General Management of TURBO CÁDIZ recognizes that the achievement of
quality in the development of its activities of Repair of Steam Turbines,
Turbocompressors and Heat Exchangers for the Naval and Land Industry in the face of
the impact derived from its productive activity, are primary objectives. Therefore, it
assumes the ultimate responsibility for defining, implementing and maintaining an
integrated policy of Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work based on the
UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 and ISO standards 45001:2018
that makes the following objectives possible:

  • Unconditional support from Management advocating teamwork among the
    company´s staff for proper management.
  • Commitment to providing safe and healthy working conditions to prevent harm and
    deterioration of health, and to continuous improvement of Occupational Health and
    Safety management and performance.
  • Commitment on the part of management to produce safe and legal products,
    assimilating any responsibility to customers in the event of non-compliance.
  • Continuous search for optimization and continuous improvement of processes,
    through our sustainable integration efforts reflected in action objectives.
  • Search for customer satisfaction, establishing instruments to measure this
    satisfaction that give us keys to improvement.
  • Comply with the legislation that is applicable to us and other commitments that our
    organization subscribes to, and even anticipate regulatory requirements, signing
    commitments and voluntary agreements that our sector of activity proposes to us in
    matters of Quality, Environment and Safety and Health in the Job.
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce OSH risks.
  • Optimization of all our production equipment to ensure its proper functioning.
  • Develop our activities keeping in mind a commitment to pollution prevention and
    the responsibility to continually improve.
  • Carry out Environmental Management adapted to the nature, magnitude and
    environmental impacts of our organization´s activities.
  • Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing OSH objectives.
  • Commitment to consultation and participation of workers, as well as worker

This Policy has been communicated to all staff of our entity, in the same way that it is
available to those who require it. This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure that
it is relevant and appropriate to our organization.